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Save Money In Las Vegas: Don’t Go Broke

So you’re planning a trip to Vegas, and you’re on a budget, huh? Some say it can’t be done, but myself, on the other hand, I’m cheap enough to believe it can! The amount of money you spend, is of course, dependent on you. If you’re itching to gamble, you’re going to be out of pocket quite a bit. That’s the reality. But, if you’re a cheap little chick like me, you’re in luck! If you follow these tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to save money in Las Vegas!


Fly on Weekdays

Because this is a hot spot for tourists year-round, weekend flights can completely bone you. If possible, fly in and out on a weekday. Simple as that. I recommend using Skyscanner, which allows you to view the cheapest day on a calendar, rather than checking one date at a time.

Fly During Off Season

Flights are inherently cheaper during the colder months, and the beauty of Vegas is that we don’t have a cold season. If you’re from up north, our 60 degree days may be perfect for you. I will say, there are a few weeks during the winter when it’s in the 30’s, so you may have to gamble a bit with your dates. Although, I have spent every Christmas in Las Vegas at the pool.

Aside from peak summer months, the worst time to fly is during an event. This includes March Madness, UFC fights, Knights Games, Conventions, and eventually Raiders games. Not only will your flight be more expensive, but the price of rooms is through the roof! Do your research.


Las Vegas
Discounts and Upgrades

Some hotels on the Strip offer discounts for active or retired military and seniors. The only way to find out if the hotel you’re interested in offers these or other deals is to ask. I recommend calling and pestering until they tell you what kind of discounts they off. Keep your hustle strong.

Caesars properties on the other hand (Harrah’s, LINQ, Rio, Caesars, Paris, Bally’s, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood) offer an array of discounts including student, teacher, military, first responder, government employee, local, and AAA.

On the topic of hustling, when you check-in to your hotel, ask about a complimentary upgrade. You never know.


Las Vegas

Happy Hour

Fortunately, most restaurants in Vegas have happy hour. The difference between happy hour in, I don’t know, say Dallas vs. here, is that we specialize in quality 5-star restaurants and that at a discount is muy bien! No offense Dallas.

Vegas Eater has loads of information on the best happy hours in town. They specialize in fancy pants so leave your overalls in the hotel. JK. It’s Vegas. We do whatever we want here.

Players Card

All casinos offer players cards. Typically there is a kiosk or information desk where you can sign up for one. If you can’t find it, ask around. This card gets you wicked discounts because the casinos want you to recognize the perks and stay at their property to gamble. With that said, if you gamble, put your player’s card in the machine or give it to the dealer at your table.

The perks vary per location, so ask the information desk about it. At Ellis Island, you get $3 off a full rack of ribs bringing it to $15, and damn. They are worth a try! My friend uses her player’s card at a local casino and recently got three nights free during peak season. Trust me when I say, get a card!


Groupon is an excellent resource for an array of deals. If you’re comfortable whipping out your phone and telling the waiter you have a coupon, this route is going to save you a lot of money. Choose the map option, and you’ll be able to see the deals closest to you. You’ll save money on dinner and transportation.

Groupon is also useful for discounted activities and accommodations. Don’t doubt the power of Groupon.


Things To Do
See Shows With House Seats

If you travel to Vegas often, House Seats is a great investment! For $99 a year, you and one other person have access to dozens of shows on and off the strip. They are a seat filler website, and you’re able to view the show options up to one week in advance. If you’re in town during award show season, keep an eye out because they’ve been known to post last minute tickets. I have seen magicians, hypnotist, comedians, and even PBR when they were here. You may not have access to the high priced Cirque shows, but the events that are offered can be a lot of fun! We added up the ticket amount we would have spent this year without House Seats, and it’s more than $500.

If this is something you’re interested in, wait until Black Friday because you can get TWO YEARS at $99 for two people.

Free Access to Clubs via Promotors

Ladies, do not go to a club without contacting a club promoter. They are paid to fill the club with females, so take advantage of it and never pay a cover. If someone tells you there is a cover, go to another club, linger outside and find a promoter. There is no reason you should have to pay to get in. EVER! While walking on the strip you are guaranteed to be confronted by at least one of them, but if you want to set yourself up before your arrival, find them on Instagram or Twitter. They get paid per pretty head, so you’re doing them a favor.

If you have guys in your group, it’s a bit tough to get them in for free, but it is possible. If the ratio is two girls per one guy, you have a better chance of hooking the boys up too, no promises though. On that note: be nice. You get more bees with honey than vinegar. Okay?

Drink for Free

Want free drinks? Play slots. Too cheap to play slots? Good. I have a way around it. The first step is to familiarize yourself with blackjack. Watch a quick video on YouTube and know when to stay, hit, or split. That’s it. Although you won’t become a pro overnight, this should at least keep you from blindly losing every dime you put in.

Now that you have familiarity with the game find a blackjack machine. I say machine because if you commit to a table, you commit. There is no “um… what should I do with this hand.” The dealer will smack that Cali tan right off your face.

Once you’ve found a machine, put $10 in and slowly and methodically play until a cocktail waitress comes by. Politely get her attention and tell her what you want “one shot of Patron Silver and a Corona, please.” Now the rule of thumb is to tip a MINIMUM of $1 a drink. This means the alcohol isn’t exactly free, but don’t be a prick. Throw her a few. When she comes back with your drink, tip her, pull your money out of the machine, and go about your night.
Free drinks (kind of)


Ride Share

You’d have to be a complete dummy to take a cab here. No offense to cab drivers, but damn. You will end up paying 3-4x the amount if you choose to take a taxi rather than rideshare.

Every hotel (including the airport) has a designated rideshare pickup location. Please be at that location BEFORE calling an Uber/Lyft. There are dozens of drivers waiting there to get a ping so you won’t have to wait. Most rides total $5-$10, but walking is also an option.

Airport rideshare location: Terminal 1 Level 2M

Free Trams

A few of the hotels have free trams from one location to another, and it is in your best interest to use them. The hotels may not seem far apart, but trust and believe they are! Here is a cheat sheet to use if you decide to take advantage of the free amenities.




Walgreens & CVS on Strip

Convenient shops on the strip hike up the prices and, unless you’re desperate, I would avoid them. Depending on what you need, it may be cheaper to Uber to a location off the Strip.

Buy Water

After a long night of drinking, we both know you’re going to stumble around at some point in your room, desperate for water. Instead of drinking our contaminated faucet water, or worse, buying it from the hotel, stock up before you get smashed. You will thank me later.


If you’re from Vegas, or have been to Vegas, and have money saving tips you’d like to share, comment below!



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    • shestrayed

      That will be fun! It may be a little cold at night so be sure to bring a jacket. If you have any questions while you’re here, make sure to reach out!

  • Nitasha

    Well this one was so relevant for me. We have been thinking of travelling to Las Vegas from quite sometime but honestly the fact that is too expensive holds us back. Am glad I found this post because it encourages me to think about it again. I will certainly try the off season trick.

    • shestrayed

      I totally understand! It’s even expensive for people that live here 🙁 Locals have worked hard to find ways around the awful prices. If you decide to visit and have questions about other ways to save money, ask away! I’d love to help!